Forge The Future Performance Company

Training & Learning

A project that allowed young artists in Cumbria (aged 15-22) the opportunity to develop their creative skills, networks and artistic practice, responding to the pandemic.

Performance Company Process

The Performance Company took part in a rich & intensive creative process, with weekly online sessions with TKP Directors to connect, collaborate & create a short film in response to the pandemic.

We gave the young people ownership to create something which felt authentic and meaningful to them, thus discovering their passions and creative flair, which can be taken forward in their future creative projects and careers.

Professional artists Nick & Lee, both led interactive skills-based workshops with the young people, giving an insight into their experience & careers as well as the tools & resources they use to successfully create work of exceptional quality.

Forge the Future Process Impact

After taking part in the Performance Company project, our young people felt better connected, supported, and listened to by change makers, whilst recognising the power and importance of art, to grow, communicate and belong in a creative community. The Performance Company are keen to continue to work together again in future, now being aware of each other’s skills and talents.

Our young people expressed the positive and powerful impact the project was having on their mental health and wellbeing. We offered them the space and time to share their mental health struggles during the pandemic. Our YP felt listened to and supported by TKP directors and their peers throughout the project.

You are able to talk to people that care and that are interested, and that want to hear your story, and that’s so important

This project was funded by Arts Council England, Great Place Lakes and Dales and The Fold.