Inside the Igloo is a feel good, rhyming story that shows, with imagination and a flap of your wings, you really can do anything!

Three little penguins, Pixel, Crash and Click are stuck inside their igloo. As the storm rages outside, they splash, skid and dance their way through the day, discovering fun and adventure hiding around every corner! For children aged 3 years and over.

“The three little penguins began plotting and dreaming, Creating a map from the floor to the ceiling! In every room there were adventures waiting, Searching, playing, climbing, painting!” 

Inside the Igloo is written by Simon McElligott, Natalie Morrell and Josh Hawkins. The book is designed and beautifully illustrated by Mark Bird.

Why did we create Inside the Igloo?

Seeking new ways of making art for young people during the COVID-19 crisis, The Knotted Project were funded by Arts Council England to create Inside the Igloo, in partnership with Hawk Dance Theatre.

Alongside our exceptional creative team behind this interactive platform, The Knotted Project & Hawk Dance Theatre, are passionate about enriching the lives of young people through the arts.

Our existing children’s dance theatre production Outside the Igloo, tours to theatres around the UK, encouraging children to get outdoors and explore beyond their screens, seeing the world through their own eyes. In March 2020, life as we knew it changed and the nation entered a period of lockdown; young people and their families restricted to a life indoors.

Inspired by this turbulent time, our illustrated story and interactive website, aims to engage and inspire every child and family through a wide range of art forms, challenges and skills. For us, imagination and creativity is the key!

We hope that this resource will refuel and refresh parents with exciting new ideas to keep their children creative! We strongly believe that adventure can be found indoors and outdoors, on and offline, and hope that this website can help each child take a step further towards their next adventure.

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