Reflections Of Me


A stunning dance theatre show in development for children aged 7+ and their families, exploring identity and what makes us unique.

A new show in development….

Reflections of Me is the story of Sky, a girl in a neon world of trends and streaks that moves, swipes and clicks.

Sky has people to follow, games to play, hair to dye and looks to try! She never stops, never settles, always changing and morphing with every second that passes by…until one day, her reflection vanishes.

Lost in a world of mirrors, Sky starts the epic journey to find her true reflection and discover who she really is.  A magical world is brought to life with stunning dance theatre and a visual feast of light and projection.

But the more Sky changes and the harder she tries, the less of her reflection she sees looking back in the mirror… until one day, her reflection vanishes.

Sky smashes into the mirror world, that warps and glitters, twinkles and shines in grey and silver… no lights… no people…no pressure. The hunt for her reflection begins.

In the mirror world, Sky starts to remember who she truly is and piece by piece, she starts to reappear. Sky soon realises that she hadn’t disappeared at all, she was there all along.

A story about finding the confidence to be yourself and appreciating the person you see in the mirror, choosing your own path and taking it at your own pace.

Created in partnership with Hawk Dance Theatre Supported by Arts Council England