The Knotted Project specialise in delivering bespoke creative learning and development opportunities and workshops. Through a multi art form, tool kit approach, we enable individuals and groups, to acquire new skills, collaborate and develop their own unique creative responses, expressing themselves through creativity. 

Our ambition is to provide high quality, specialised arts training for young people, at whatever stage they are at of their artistic career or journey. We are passionate about impacting the level of creative opportunity for young people in Cumbria and continue to innovate and deliver high quality projects. 

We aim to help creative young people establish their own artistic network, collaborate, skill share and learn from each other, embracing their talents and growing. We want young people to see that there is a thriving creative community, that there are opportunities for them and that they are capable of generating their own creative projects & careers.

We believe that art and creativity is a powerful tool that can build resilience and emotional wellbeing, relationships, communication and expression. The role in society of the Arts Sector, has never been more important and we feel that every young person deserves an opportunity to be creative.

Above: Robin Zahler image, TKP workshops at Dance Connect. Photo Credit, Emily Davidson & Fern Wareham



Funded by Arts Council England, Forge the Future is a project which allows young artists, based in Cumbria (aged 15-22) the opportunity to develop their creative skills, networks and artistic practice. 

Supported by an experienced team of professional creatives in 2021, the Forge the Future Performance Company produced a piece of film work and a digital response to the pandemic. 

The film Forge The Future, creatively explores how the lives of young people have been impacted by Covid-19. It was self filmed by young people in lockdown, on their mobile phones, with extraordinary ambition and imagination. The young people wanted everyone to see it and understand the struggles of a year in lockdown, through the yes of a young person. It looks deeply into mental health in our young people and the role that creativity plays in their lives.

Through this project, The Knotted Project aim to help creative young people establish their own artistic network, collaborate, skill share, learn and grow from each other, as well as offering them a platform to use art and creativity to express themselves and share their experiences in an unparalleled year of change. 


A 15 minute performance piece, created and performed by 8 young women from Cumbria aged 18-25 from The Knotted Project Training Company in 2019. NOISE explored a range of pressures and expectations placed on young people in our modern society; Gender, social media, success, relationships and their impact on mental health.

The piece was created using a range of art forms and incorporated spoken word, movement and music, all original and designed to start a conversation about the ‘noise’ that young people have to live with.

NOISE was performed to thousands of audience members at Lakes Alive Festival and inspired many. 


In March 2018, The Knotted Project were commissioned by The Lowry to devise a brand new physical theatre production in collaboration with a group of Young Carers from Salford.

The Knotted Project spent a whole year developing a relationship, building a company and sharing skills with an incredibly talented group of Young Carers. In partnership with Gaddum, Salford Young Carers and The Lowry, the piece that emerged was a complex, heartfelt and urgent one, exploring Grief and the pressures that Young Carers face on a daily basis. 



TKP are highly experienced facilitators & have directed creative learning projects & youth theatres for leading arts centres & venues including The Lowry, The Brewery Arts Centre, Burnley Youth Theatre, & The Dukes to name a few.

TKP facilitators have Full & Enhanced DBS Certificates & First Aid Training. TKP are also trained in Child Safeguarding & Arts Award Discover, Explore & Bronze. 

Based in Cumbria, TKP regularly deliver sessions across the North West of England but are available to work anywhere in the UK. If you feel that The Knotted Project could provide a creative learning service for a venue, school or group that you know, please get in touch via the ‘Contact’ page.


* Arts Award’s unique qualifications support young people to develop as artists and arts leaders

* The programme develops creativity, leadership and communication skills

* Arts Award is open to anyone aged up to 25, and embraces all interests and backgrounds

* Through Arts Award young people learn to work independently, helping them to prepare for further education and employment

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