At The Knotted Project, we use many approaches to strive for the highest quality outcomes that adapts to whoever we are working with. Our work with young people takes many forms but we specialise in Co-Creation and have a tried and tested method; this method ensures that the potential of each individual and project is realised. If you have a co-creation project you would like to work with us on, or want to learn more please get in touch.

Why The Knotted Project Co-Create

Co Creation helps us to shout with and for young people, it’s their ideas, perspectives and stories we want to tell.

Working in this way keeps us fresh and ensures that The Knotted Project remains relevant and agile. Our Co-Creation method nurtures an environment where young people feel inspired, valued, equal and powerful.

Driven by the young people, their skills, stories and passions are amplified in work that raises the bar and challenges the norm. They are the future…

You are able to talk to people that care and that are interested, and that want to hear your story, and that’s so important
Forge the Future Performance Company

The Knotted Project’s Definition of Co-Creation

Our co-creation journey isn’t linear, it’s a responsive process guided by the instincts of the group, with opportunity to explore at all stages. It has the freedom to keep evolving and challenges us to take risks until we reach our shared goal. By readdressing the power balance within a space, and valuing each person in the room everyone has ownership of the decisions, direction of travel and creative outcome. 

Through a shared experience we exchange a broad range of skills and creative techniques, inviting contributions, stories and opinions. Our Co-creation process becomes richer with time and resource, the more in-depth the journey the wider the impact will be for all involved. 

By meeting young people where they are at, regardless of their starting point, The Knotted Project aims to maximise the potential in the room to empower young people to achieve something they didn’t think was possible at the beginning. 

It has affirmed that growth can happen at any age, for me. Put your ideas and creativity on the table. Be brave.
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The Knotted Project’s Co-Creation Principles

Developing People:

A focus on skills and qualities of the group, The Knotted Project’s creative toolkit is tailored to every individual in the room. 

Foundations and Fundamentals:

The Knotted Project strives for a journey accessible for all, through quality, care and inclusion. 

Energy and Momentum:

Develop a positive atmosphere where young people feel valued, respected and empowered to shape the journey.

Ambitious and Inspired:

Setting the bar high by ensuring quality is embedded throughout.

The team have been incredibly supportive in helping us with what we want to do and giving us complete control over the project.
Forge the Future
The TKP team have been so supportive, and they’ve been very clear about doing only what’s comfortable for me, letting me be in charge of what I want to talk about, creating a safe space where I feel I can talk about personal things
Co-Creation Participant
It has given me a massive amount of confidence about my future as a creative, for starters, it’s given me confidence that there is creative work being created in Cumbria, and there are opportunities out there for young creatives.
Co-Creation participant