An original 15-minute dynamic & visual performance piece co-created with young people, performed at Lakes Alive Festival in Summer 2019.

NOISE was co-created by young artists in the TKP Training Company & TKP Directors, using a range of art forms such as spoken word, movement and music. Inspired by over 100 hours of skills development & creative workshops, the young people collaborated with a range of professional artists to develop the piece.

Professional Musician and Composer Lee Affen, worked with the young people to develop an original sound score for NOISE, inspired & driven by its content & themes.

Image Credit - Robin Zahler

The Final Piece

NOISE explored the range of pressures and expectations placed on young people in our modern society such as gender, social media, success & relationships, and their impact on young people’s mental health & wellbeing. The piece was designed to start a conversation about the ‘noise’ that young people experience & live with on a daily basis.

NOISE was performed to thousands of audience members in Cumbria at Lakes Alive Festival in 2019 and gave a powerful insight into the growing pressures that young people face in today’s society, starting conversations on what support can be put in place to help young people deal with these immense pressures.

Funded by Arts Council England & Great Place Lakes and Dales