The Chit Chat Chalk Show


An interactive, touring dance theatre adventure for children aged 3+ and their families, exploring emotional intelligence through colour.

‘The Chit Chat Chalk Show follows Kiko, a confused young girl, struggling to understand how she feels about the strange new world she lives in. With the help of her quirky new friends, she embarks upon a quest to discover the mixture of emotions & colours that make her unique!’

The Chit Chat Chalk Show is charming, physical & packed with interaction for children aged 3+ & their families. Sitting amongst the set & performers, the children in the audience play an essential part in helping Kiko on her journey. With a cast of skilled performers, the story dances, draws & giggles its way through from beginning to end. The Chit Chat Chalk Show is sure to put a smile on faces, young & old!

Finding theatre that is truly family friendly can sometimes be tricky, something that will entertain pre-schoolers all the way up to the grandparents – The Chit Chat Chalk show involves EVERYONE!
5 stars
The Chit Chat Chalk Show is a sensitive, interactive, well-crafted exploration of emotions – how they make up who we are, how we can embrace and regulate them – complete with dance, audience participation, and – of course – chalk drawing.
Children’s Theatre Guide
I honestly can not express just how fantastic this show is. To have integrated humour, interaction and deep emotional expression in one show is just incredible. Watching the children think, feel, express themselves and giggle reduced me to tears. It was a very special piece of theatre and one i can not recommend highly enough.
Audience Member
Farnham Malting's
Fabulous show- Energetic, entertaining, different and engaging. Kept children very entertained!
Audience Member
The Brewery Arts Centre
My daughter struggles with emotional articulation and regulation due to PTSD. We talk a lot about feelings and the show really brought it to life and showed how we all have a variety of emotions and they are all ok. Really excellent and I feel sure she will remember the messages.
Audience Member
We all really loved the show (Mum 34) (Daughter 3) (Sister 11) Visually stunning- gorgeous message- fantastic response from the audience. Seriously loved it from start to finish.
Audience Member
Unity Theatre
My son (nearly 3) was totally absorbed. I could also see him thinking though all the rich language and concepts. It was difficult to keep him off the stage!
Audience Member
Waterside Arts Centre

Created in partnership with Hawk Dace Theatre, funded by Arts Council England.