In March 2018, The Knotted Project were commissioned by The Lowry to devise a brand new physical theatre production in collaboration with a group of Young Carers from Salford.

The Knotted Project spent a whole year developing a relationship, building a company and sharing skills with an incredibly talented group of Young Carers. In partnership with Gaddum, Salford Young Carers and The Lowry, the piece that emerged was a complex, heartfelt and urgent one, exploring Grief and the pressures that Young Carers face on a daily basis. 

"Although Rose’s Mum is gone, the earth keeps spinning. School pressure builds, her Dad keeps struggling and she keeps caring. 

Guided and inspired by the memory of her Mum, Rose begins a quest to find the happiness in the world again. Step by step, the path becomes clearer. Every Rose blooms in it’s own time."

Quote from audience member...

"Absolutely stunning choreography and use of projection & light. Beautiful story telling of a very difficult subject - done with such care and grace. The young people should be so proud. A performance I'll never forget. I lost a parent at aged 15, you told my story too. Thank you"

Time to Bloom premiered at The Lowry at the Big Celebration Event in March 2019

Young people are always facing pressure to change, to develop and to grow in a world, which is never still and is often uncertain. Developed by young people from The Lowry’s Targeted Programme and Youth Employability Scheme, the evening will creatively showcase the journeys of many inspirational young people who have knocked down the barriers society has put in-front of them.

The evening showcased an eclectic mix of work, co-created by young people including Film, Visual Arts and Presentations, culminating in a new piece of theatre exploring the lives of young carers ‘Time to Bloom’. The Lowry is recognised as a beacon of good practice nationally, within the field of Socially Engaged practice, the evening was a platform for Young Carers, Young People Not in Education, Employment or Training, Young Parents, Local Schools and a new programme developed by young people who are or experiencing Homelessness (All targeted projects will be featured within the evening).

Ross Kemp Living With

Critically acclaimed Actor/Author and Investigative Journalist Ross Kemp attended rehearsals of Time to Bloom at The Lowry to meet the incredible Young People Co-Creating the show with TKP. The Episode exploring the lives of Young Carers will air on ITV at 7:30pm, Thursday 1st August.

Find out more about the Episode by clicking HERE or watch the trailer below!

If you have been affected by the content of Time to Bloom and need additional support with Grief/Bereavement or even think you may be a Young Carer, here are a few links to find advice and guidance...

NHS Guidance

Salford City Council


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