TKP Training Company 2019

Training & Learning

An intensive, high-quality training program for aspiring young artists aged 16-25 in Cumbria.

The Training Process

Our ambition for the Training Company was to provide high quality, specialised arts training for young people in Cumbria at whatever stage they were at of their artistic career. We aimed to discover, nurture and retain creative talent in Cumbria. The project was funded by Arts Council England and Great Place Lakes and Dales, with support from Kendal College.

During the Training Company process, young people were treated as professionals, working with TKP directors and a range of professional artists from various art forms. Over 100 hours of workshops & rehearsals enabled the young people to collaborate, share ideas, develop creative skills & their artistic practice.

The project aimed to help creative young people establish their own creative networks, skill share and learn from each other, embracing their talents & realising their potential to create high-quality & engaging art. We aimed to inspire young people to embark on a creative career, proving that that they can generate their own creative projects & careers, even in rural Cumbria.

Training Company Impact

The young people felt inspired to step out their comfort zone, challenge themselves & take risks.

We were proud that the project enabled a strong sense of growth & achievement amongst all young people involved. They felt better prepared to embark on a creative career, & put their skills & experience to the test.

It has affirmed that growth can happen at any age, for me. Put your ideas and creativity on the table. Be brave.
I can do things I didn’t think I could do!